One foot on the yellow dot road

Okay so my big idea is that in exactly 7 months i will cut a nice wedge out of my own handmade wedding cake. I’m aiming high (nothing over 3ft though!) with a three tiered, stacked wedding cake with fab decoration.  I’m going to try and teach myself  and record it here for posterity.  In the best case scenario it might be handy for other people, or alternatively, make a guide of how not to do it!

Where am i at right now? Well I have baked a couple of cakes and marzipanned and iced them with the wonder tool that is a cake smoother.

For the first I baked a fruit and the best tip is turning the cake upside down when it comes out of the tine to make a great top surface!

Engagement Cake

Marzipan goes on next and I had to be quite patient..measuring rolling..measuring…the right size to cover the top and sides.  The baking apricot jam you can get from the supermarket was worthwhile as super sticky and no bits!  More patience in leaving the cake overnight to firm up before putting the sugarpaste on.

Clean clean clean the worktop and then clean it again, nothing must blight the lovely whiteness! Again more patience as i found the sugarpaste stuck when it got thinner.  More icing sugar and regular moving it about seemed to help. Must cut my nails as imprints in the lovely icing are the devils work!

I bought a 1.5 nozzle and bag and mixed up some royal icing in different colours.  Icing was really good fun and blobs a good way to learn about applying pressure!


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