Should potatos be in cake?

As it was dad’s birthday recently it seemed a good idea to get some practice in – so seeing as it is spring i made a cake for stage 2- flowers.  My dear old family are going to be eating a lot of cake!

This cake needed to be gluten free so I found a lemon cake recipe with…potato in it.  A good tip is not to tell people until they have tried it!  It got a really positive response so i’ll let the potato stay.

To decorate the cake i splashed out on flower cutters, some tools and a foam pad for shaping the flowers as well as a pack of flowerpaste to make the flowers.  Here is the result!

Dad's cake

The little blossoms around the edge were really easy, just knead and roll out really thinly, and then cut away, using the ejector to push in a little middle.

The big flowers were more difficult and required me to occasionally think “don’t panic” as it looked like they were going to tear.  I just had to be a bit more gentle.

First i rolled out the kneaded flowerpaste and used icing sugar to stop sticking, the flowerpaste dried pretty quick so must remember to put it under plastic next time.

The cutters worked magnificently for the shapes and then it was a case of putting them on the foam and getting the hang of the boning tool.  It thins the edges of the petals and rubbed in the middle makes them cup a little.  Placing the bigger flower in a bowl to give it shape, i wet the middle and then gently pressed on the smaller flower.

Shaping the individual petals in a natural way was a little tricky as they didn’t always stay.  Also i put little screwed up bits of tissue between the petal to support them and although it worked, picking off the little bits of tissue the next day wasn’t the most fun 20 minutes i’ve had.  What else can i use?

On the next day i used a little water in the middle of the flowers and stuck on the little silver balls, what a great buy they are!

Now the blog is up and running next time i will put up the making pictures as i go along as it seems more helpful.  Also if anyone reads this and has tips please let me know!


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