Chocolate Everywhere

Another week and another cake, this time my brother’s birthday is well placed to explore making a full-on chocolate cake and then…covering it with chocolate!

The basic cake inside is two layers of chocolate brownie as in the pic below

Chocolate brownie

I stuck the two layers together with vanilla buttercream (the calorie count has been thrown out of the window from the outset) and then did a polyfiller job around the outside and top filling in all those brownie crags so it looks smooth, and oddly like a giant cheese!  I found that when we cut the cake there was a bit of a hole in the middle; as brownies rise more around the edge there is a dip in the middle, and when one placed upside down onto another a little bat cave was made.  So next time i would level the brownie off first.

The first attempt at making ganache (invented in around 1850 in either Switzerland or France, approx 2 parts dark choc to one part double cream) was a DISASTER.  The mix split and went weirdly fatty.  Back down the shop and attempt two went better.  A friend said to make sure the double cream was well and truly boiled before pouring it onto the chocolate and that made the difference.  I also put it over steam to help the lumps melt.

No lumps!

A good tip from a book was to put the cake into the freezer for 15minutes to firm it up before pouring the chocolate ganache over the top.  Then putting the cake on a rack with greaseproof under it i gently ladled the chocolate on top, pushing it out and then ladling a bit more on until it dribbled over the sides.  I kept going until it looked quite well covered and then took the flat side of a knife to the edge to get the even coverage.  It was a normal knife but i will treat myself to a palette knife one day!

Last of all was to decorate it with some berries, it would be amazing as a stacked cake with berries or flowers on the tiers !! Ta-da!

One Response to “Chocolate Everywhere”
  1. kathy says:

    You’re going to become a cake maker and decorator by the end of your journey…

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