Don’t forget the DIY store!

It is now March, and therefore my friend Lucy’s birthday, horaay another cake! Horaay her favourite colours are turquoise and red!  That is a good combination for anything, especially a bright cake for spring.

Previously I have attempted dots and flowers, so this time i will attempt a dotty flower cake on two layers for extra smash!

I thought it a cunning plan to make a raspberry cake so it would also be red when cut into.

Cake with an exciting interior

Good plan but more pink then red on cutting, need some advice for next time on that one!

Then covered the two beauts with marzipan and blue coloured sugarpaste. Next was the new bit, cutting the dowels for stacking.  I think you are meant to do a lot more then 4 uprights but i wasn’t clever enough on the ordering!  So i attacked my one piece of plastic dowel with a stanley knife and it was rubbish! Hardly dented the plastic even with maximum exertion.  This time i actually read the instructions and found i needed a junior hacksaw, no way! GCSE technology flashback.  Quick pedal to Wickes and i was tooled up, woosh straight through them after that, here they are safely nestled into their new home.

Gravity defying support structure

Then to have a little break and leave the cakes to firm up i moved onto the red flowers.  Bit better this time on the petals as i only did one at a time rather than letting them sit and start to dry out, felt less panic which is probably good.  So coloured the flowerpaste red and rolled out thinly and cut with the trusty cutters, then transferred the flower to the foam pad and worked each petal thinner at the edges.  When each was done i found a little dish to put them in the give a cup like shape, learned not to use tissue and used greaseproof to separate the petals and i worked much better.

Red flowers with the bits used to make them

Next day i put the top tier onto the bottom and jiggled it a bit, it actually seemed stable! Good, as i was going to walk/train with it into work!

I made up some royal icing by whisking egg white (really need to get an electric whisk) then adding in a huge amount of icing sugar that never looks like it is going to fit…and then it does! Although if the egg is a bit undersized it can make a big difference so don’t panic, i reduced the sugar a little bit and it was fine.  The you put in some lemon juice, don’t know why…shall i google it..?…oh ok, it makes it more pliable.

I made it red and then put it into a icing bag with a 1.5mm nozzle, then with Columbo on the telly to keep me entertained…”…er….just one more thing” i started to ice all the dots, using the ribbon around the base of the cakes as a guide line.

I stuck the flowers together with more icing and then iced the centres.

And here is the finished article!


8 Responses to “Don’t forget the DIY store!”
  1. Paul Roebuck says:

    Our work surface looks nice, the cakes look pretty good too. Fattening me up!

  2. Gill Fraser says:

    Jenny I cannot believe you made this cake – it is beyond lovely!

    • jroe2 says:

      Thank you Gill, that’s superkind of you : )

      • Ju says:

        Bloody hell Jenny! Those are the prettiest flowers I’ve ever seen!! I love the colour and had a momentary flash of a ‘wild flower’ cake for your wedding. You could have poppies and cornflowers and primroses. xx

  3. Chris & Sue says:

    WOW Jenny, that looks FANTASTIC ! – We’re definately available for tasting duty ………
    we can barter sprouts !
    C&S x

  4. Fiona Baker says:

    Lucky bday girl, this cake looks stunning, you should go pro with that! x

  5. Andrea says:

    I also cant get over this – its STUNNING!

  6. Lucy says:

    This was the best birthday cake EVER!!! Thank you so much… I found a photo of it at the weekend and saved it in my red and turquoise folder! You really are a professional… I tried to save the flowers as they were so beautiful but also sooo tasty!! xxx

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