Cupcake Mania

Last week Jo, Gemma and i went on a cupcake decorating course (2hrs) arranged through The Cocoa box.  It was a lot of fun, no arduous activities like actually baking, just how to make them look fabulous!  you start off looking at a table with six cakes each and a range of exciting goodies such as edible sparkle and rainbow drops (old school!)

Naked cakes

The girls running it were great, knowledgeable and demonstrating the techniques in a very clear way.  Top tip – use margarine instead of butter in the cupcake recipe if you want a flat top to the cake i.e for fondant (runny) icing.

We had balls of sugarpaste, white pink and red and started off with the white to make a bow. This consisted of rolling a sausage and then flattening it out  along the length of your middle finger.  then you fold the two ends in and press.  Next a mini sausage rolled and flatten lays over the centre to become the knot.  Pressed together at the back to seal it.  The tooth picks were brilliant tools, used in lots of techniques, first job was to makes crinkles in the bow.  We then rolled and flattened two ‘legs’ for the bow and pressed it on top of them.

No, that's an ice cream cone and three balls of ice-cream!


Next was the ice cream cone.  We made a rectangle and then quashed it into a triangle, leaving the top squarish.  Using the toothpick we made the pattern on the cone, and then rolled little balls of sugarpaste to make the ice cream.  a twist of red into the white if wanted raspberry ripple.  Little chocolate vermichilli made the mini flake! aw cute.

The last shape was a mini cupcake. Taking the pink we made a square and squashed it a little into a wedge.  Across the top we  made a groove using the side of the toothpick.  We then rolled a white sausage as long as the length of our hand (although we didn’t need all of it) and zig-zaged the sausage, starting from the groove, into a pile on top of the cupcake bottom.



Toothpick again for the case imprint and a cherry-on-top to finish it off!

We then spooned some ready mixed fondant icing onto a cupcake, shaking it and tipping it to make it spread…You have to leave it for a bit to make a crust. otherwise your decoration might capsize.  When ready, pop it on, and there is always a place for some edible glitter!


Okay, onto the next.  The lovely ladies had already made the buttercream icing, adding blueberry flavouring to one and chocolate to the other.

We learned two techniques. Icing from the outside in to make a ‘Mr Whippy’ style shape and then icing from the middle out to make a flatter ‘rose’ shape..


'rose' starts from the middle


it's got wedding written all over it!

I think if you wanted to make cupcakes for your wedding it would be pretty achievable, especially the buttercream iced ones, and look really amazing even from no or little experience.  To finish we glittered and sprinkled our creations to our hearts content.  Only one cupcake never made it out of that room which i think shows restraint!  Here are the finished articles!

mmmmmmmmmm cupcakes


and more!




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