Frill seekers

It is the month of May and also the month of Jo’s birthday! horraay! She likes purple and glitter horraay!  This in turn sets the tone for frivolous frills and learning the art of the dancing edge.

So to prepare i bought a never-ending frill cutter, some toothpicks (brilliant bargain must-have!) and some edible purple glitter.

Tools for frilling

Tools for frilling and crimping

I already had some modeling paste and the foam pad which definitely made frilling easier.  I have also acquired a plastic sheet for putting over the sugarpaste  cut out shapes and it does seem to really help lessen the ‘dry-out panic’.  Each time I was not using the leftover sugarpaste i made sure it was wrapped up tight in a sandwich bag to stop it drying.

Here is the cake – carrot with an orange buttercream filling m-mmmmm.

Bare naked cake

Bare naked cake

First step – Covering the cake with marzipan and sugarpaste.

Marzipan stuck onto the cake with boiled apricot jam

Marzipan stuck onto the cake with boiled apricot jam

I have found that to stop the marzipan (and the sugarpaste) sticking i would turn it over a lot, but then it would get a bit dry and cracked from the icing sugar it absorbed.  This time i just moved it over a bit and no turning and it seemed to work much better.

Ready to go!

Ready to go!

   Second step – Mixing the modeling paste in to the sugar paste so it can be rolled out thinner and dry harder.

   I used one third modeling paste to two thirds sugar paste…just because that was what I had left! And it was fine.

   I then divided it in half and coloured one half with the violet food colour gel and left the other half white.

  Third step – I rolled out the purple paste in a long thin strip about the length of the circumference of the cake.

   Using a tea strainer instead of a big sieve to sprinkle a little icing sugar on the work surface was much better for rolling out the paste

   Fourth step – Getting the endless frill cutter out of the packet, very exciting when new tools are unwrapped!

   I started at one end, pushed down on it, pulled it up and moved it along, matching up the last curve neatly so it just keeps on going (endlessley)(well unless you get tired).

   On this model i got two sizes of scalloped edge, one big one small – I used the big side.

  Fifth step – Once the offcuts were balled and put under the plastic slip/sandwich bag I put the cut frill end onto the foam mat and attacked it with

  the  toothpick.  Rolling each scallop with the side of the toothpick thinned it out, then working the toothpick down so it was working the edge of the scallop thinner made

the frills.   It is a bit like using a tiny rolling pin. The paste is quite resilient so don’t be too afraid, the tricky bit was moving the mat down the line and trying to keep the

piece whole,   and actually if it it does break here and there it is not the end of the world when applying it to the cake.

Sixth step – With a little paintbrush i brushed on cooled boiled water around the base of the cake and stuck on the first frill by pressing the top flat edge of the frill gently onto the side of the cake.  The water makes the surface a little slippery which means that there is some adjustment moving the strip up or down which is handy!  With the first one on i marked where the top of the second would be by scribing gently around the cake with a toothpick (i said they were handy!)

Seventh step – This time I took the white paste and repeated the above steps to make another long frill.  Again using the paintbrush i applied some water (be careful it is not too wet or the water will drip and discolour the frills) and placed the frill so that the bottom frilly edge overlapped the straight edge of the purple one below.  I used the other end of the paintbrush to adjust some of the frills and place little bits of screwed up baking paper beneath to make a ‘kick’ to the frill that would dry in position.

Eight step – Keep going! think marathons and eat jelly babies for sugar.  If you can keep the pastes airtight you could probably stop for a lie down but i found myself on a mission!

Little balls of baking paper helped hold up little 'kicks' in the frill

Little balls of baking paper helped hold up little 'kicks' in the frill

Ninth step – To finish the top I used the smaller scalloped side of the cutter and frilled it in exactly the same way.  Then i applied it but put the straight edge against the straight edge of the previous frill – back to back- as it were.  I press it down and then used a closed curve crimper to carefully press in a a pattern all the way around.  I found this a bit tricky as the water had made it sticky and used it more like a stamp than a crimper!

Tenth step – The best bit! getting the purple edible glitter and and some water with sugerpaste dissolved in it to make it a bit sticky, and using the paintbrush dipped in the water and dust to paint eh edges of the frills all glittery!  I couldn’t resist a little on the crimps  too!

Love it!

Love it!

Last  step – A  cup of tea!!

Ready to meet it's birthday girl!

3 Responses to “Frill seekers”
  1. Chris & Sue says:

    Clever Jenny !!
    Looks BRILLIANT !
    C&S W

  2. Jo says:

    Jenny you superstar, this was the best dressed cake I have ever seen! and it was mouthwateringly tasty too! thank you so much for all the effort you went to 🙂 you are most definitley on the way to wedding cake stardom xxx

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