Sarah’s cupcakes : )

No party is complete without some cupcakes, especially a birthday one so these ones are for you Sarah!

Sarah is into chocolate in a big way (aren’t we all) so the cake of the cup is chocolate!  I used a Maise fantasie chocolate fudge cake recipe which turned out really nicely.  Here it is mixed up and going into the cases.  I overfilled to begin with, a third was enough to leave room for the icing

In they went to the oven at 160, i checked after 20 minutes but they did need a little longer, test them by pushing the middle gently, they should push back.

Next was my first time making cream cheese icing, and it was brilliant!  Tastes great and is really easy to make, just Mascarpone cheese and golden caster sugar whizzed together.  I used a 500g tub for 16 (I ate two before they got iced)(oops think of the dress!) cakes and mixed up two 250g batches separately.  To one I addded half a vanilla pod to one and to the other 5 Lindt dark chocolate squares (melted down and cooled a bit).

Like a devoted baker i made icing bags again but the nozzle was an M1 size and needed a big hole to fit in.  Cutting off a fair bit of the end destabilised it and it unraveled in a squidgy disaster scenario.  Scrape scrape into a new bag and it was fine, but I would get a disposable bag in the future for this task.

Anyway the fun bit – I know of two ways to pipe the top:

1) starting in the middle and working out in a spiral – makes a flat rose

2) Starting on the outside and spiraling inwards – makes a Mr Whippy

So twisting the top of the bag to make sure there is no air trapped (or you get little blow outs that break the icing flow) you hold it with both hands and squeeze in a controlled manor (unless it is straight into your mouth).

They look great really quickly and all that is left are the finishing touches – edible purple glitter as seen on Jo’s cake and cute mini oreo cookies from the local shop!  Yum yum.

3 Responses to “Sarah’s cupcakes : )”
  1. Andrea says:

    I want one now! YUM – look amazing! You are seriously a pro at this stuff – time to throw in the towel at Event!

  2. Sarah says:

    YUMMY….. They are as amazing as they look! Can’t wait for the next party! Thanks Jenny xXx

  3. Jo says:

    mmmm yum, glad to see you putting the cupcake course into practice! after my birthday cake i want to eat each and every one of your lastest creations – I can’t wait for your wedding cake!!! yum yum yum in my tum 🙂

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