Making your own mould

In the process of making the final cake i wanted to mould my own Roebuck deers to stick to the side of the cake.  Trawling the internet i couldn’t find a suitable mould so i decided to make my own!  I didn’t end up using them (you will see why in the final cake!) but it is good to know that there is the kit out there to do it.

So, from a specialist cake shop i bought three tubs of silicone plastique and from a toy shop i bought my two plastic figures of deer, a stag and a doe.  I rummaged around in the tupaware to find a container that fitted the figures without too much space around them to waste the gel.  It turned out that three tubs would be enough to do only one at a time…

I melted the gel over steam as i don’t have a microwave..

i then poured the liquid gel in to cover the whole thing.  The back of the deer is not flat so i knew it would have to be cut back.  If you were making a shape that sat flat it would be much easier!

I then left it to firm up for 24hrs, thinking “getting those thin legs to work is going to be hard work!”

Next day i pulled it out and found it had covered well and was fairly flexible.  I set to, using a craft knife to cut away the back….

until the mid point of the deer was reached, i could then pull it out and hey-presto i had my mould!

Next i got some white sugar paste and squashed it firmly into the mould.  Carefully i pulled the mould off and it left a very good impression with a lot of detail.

I took a plastic knife and trimmed off the excess icing to give it a sharp edge,

Once the mould is made it is easy to make a few, especially if you get imperfections in the first ones.  The best thing about this stuff is that when finished you can melt it down and reuse it!  It was roughly 5pounds a pot so not cheap initially but if you reuse it it then it is a bargain.  What can i mould next??


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