Ben’s cake

Hello cakers!

It’s been a bit quiet recently but I am waking up to a new season.  Recently I made a cake for Ben and i though i would add it to the blog.  The plan was to make a chocolate sponge, filled with chocolate and dark cherry and iced with a chocolate ganache buttercream.  The challenge was to do writing on the cake which was a new one for me!

I started off by baking a Pam Corbin chocolate cake recipe and then splitting it in two.  I wanted it to be quite high so i then baked a half quantity for a third tier, regal!

Then I made the filling by melting dark chocolate and morello cherry jam in seprate pans and combined them together for the glue!


I cut off the dome from the layer that had been the top of the cake to try to keep it as flat-topped as possible.  The top layer  is the bottom of the cake to also keep it level.  I put the filling between the sponges and this stuck the layers together into a satisfyingly sized cake confection.

Next was making the chocolate ganache buttercream.  Firstly i made the buttercream from sugar and butter, beating until light and fluffy (arm ache).

Secondly i heated the double cream and then dropped the broken chocolate into the mix, stirring to bring it together.

Then the ganache was mixed into the buttercream to make it lovely and chocolatey, smells amazing!


and mixed…more arm action


Fun part!! with a palette knife i dolloped the buttercream onto the cake and smoothed it around the top and sides.  Confidence is best, swoops rather than trying to fiddle with it too much!  To finish the bottom edge i put some buttercream into an icing bag with a cupcake nozzle and ‘iced’ a trail.

At this point i couldn’t help myself and sprinkled some edible purple glitter on the wrinkles!

I left the cake overnight after this so that it could firm up.  meanwhile i worked out on a computer how the text would fit on and printed it out.  Over this i traced the letters onto tracing paper.

When the cake was firm i took a toothpick and traced the letters onto the cake, leaving a faint outline


No the scary bit! I had practiced writing in white chocolate once before but I was a bit nervous of wrecking it.  I had learnt that the nozzle is better if it is warm when you put it into the icing bag as otherwise the warmed white chocolate goes cold and blocks it.  I had a size 3 nozzle, a moment to gather myself and off i went tracing the letters.  I had a couple of bits i wasn’t totally happy with and it was fairly easy to take them off and replace.  And voila!



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