Ben’s cake

Hello cakers! It’s been a bit quiet recently but I am waking up to a new season.  Recently I made a cake for Ben and i though i would add it to the blog.  The plan was to make a chocolate sponge, filled with chocolate and dark cherry and iced with a chocolate ganache buttercream.  … Continue reading

New Year King Cake

In January my French friend Arnaud usually presents a Galette des Rois to share out.  The youngest person sits under the table (optional) and shouts out the names of those gathered in random order  to receive a piece of cake.  The lucky person who receives a slice with the ceramic charm in it is ‘king/queen … Continue reading

Becky’s cool flowers

January is here and time to start looking at new cakey things to be doing! First up and i have meant to put this up for a while…my friend Bec has always had a passion for textile design and has  recently been influenced by a Japanese craft technique, the result are these beautiful flowers!  Attached … Continue reading

The Wedding Cake!

After all this time, planning and cake baking, the wedding finally arrived on a beautiful sunny day.  It was such a fantastic exerience, with lots of love and help from family and friends to make it perfect!  And the cake? Did it travel ok? Did it look good?  Did people like it? Well… you will … Continue reading

Making your own mould

In the process of making the final cake i wanted to mould my own Roebuck deers to stick to the side of the cake.  Trawling the internet i couldn’t find a suitable mould so i decided to make my own!  I didn’t end up using them (you will see why in the final cake!) but … Continue reading

Dave and Fi’s wedding cake

The 9th July 2011 was Dave and Fi’s lovely wedding set in the rolling hills of Devon.   Very kindly a few months earlier they accepted my offer to make them a wedding cake and put their faith wholeheartedly in me to come up with something good, scary!! I started off looking for inspiration.  The brief … Continue reading

Sarah’s cupcakes : )

No party is complete without some cupcakes, especially a birthday one so these ones are for you Sarah! Sarah is into chocolate in a big way (aren’t we all) so the cake of the cup is chocolate!  I used a Maise fantasie chocolate fudge cake recipe which turned out really nicely.  Here it is mixed … Continue reading

Rose Explosion!

Its June now, nearly four months until the wedding and time to learn some new skills.  The perfect occasion is two family birthdays on the same day! Mum and Sarah, and seeing how June is the month of roses I thought they would be a lovely top to a cake. I have started by making … Continue reading

Frill seekers

It is the month of May and also the month of Jo’s birthday! horraay! She likes purple and glitter horraay!  This in turn sets the tone for frivolous frills and learning the art of the dancing edge. So to prepare i bought a never-ending frill cutter, some toothpicks (brilliant bargain must-have!) and some edible purple … Continue reading

Decorating dinosuars

At work we have ‘Baking Fridays’, lucky troopers that we are.  Last Friday Phillipa treated us to gingerbread dinosaurs which were great.  Not only tasty we got to decorate them too! The icing came in a pot, gutted after all the effort i have made in the past (well twice) ! It was pretty good … Continue reading