Decorating dinosuars

At work we have ‘Baking Fridays’, lucky troopers that we are.  Last Friday Phillipa treated us to gingerbread dinosaurs which were great.  Not only tasty we got to decorate them too! The icing came in a pot, gutted after all the effort i have made in the past (well twice) ! It was pretty good … Continue reading

Don’t forget the DIY store!

It is now March, and therefore my friend Lucy’s birthday, horaay another cake! Horaay her favourite colours are turquoise and red!  That is a good combination for anything, especially a bright cake for spring. Previously I have attempted dots and flowers, so this time i will attempt a dotty flower cake on two layers for … Continue reading

Chocolate Everywhere

Another week and another cake, this time my brother’s birthday is well placed to explore making a full-on chocolate cake and then…covering it with chocolate! The basic cake inside is two layers of chocolate brownie as in the pic below I stuck the two layers together with vanilla buttercream (the calorie count has been thrown … Continue reading

Should potatos be in cake?

As it was dad’s birthday recently it seemed a good idea to get some practice in – so seeing as it is spring i made a cake for stage 2- flowers.  My dear old family are going to be eating a lot of cake! This cake needed to be gluten free so I found a … Continue reading

One foot on the yellow dot road

Okay so my big idea is that in exactly 7 months i will cut a nice wedge out of my own handmade wedding cake. I’m aiming high (nothing over 3ft though!) with a three tiered, stacked wedding cake with fab decoration.  I’m going to try and teach myself  and record it here for posterity.  In … Continue reading